How 40 Pushups Can Save Your Life

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A study from Harvard's School of Public Health revealed that middle-aged men who can complete more than 40 pushups have a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared with men who can do less than 10.

 40 pushups for heart health

Considering heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and pushups are a simple, free activity that anyone can learn to do, this is information well worth acting on. Pushups themselves, despite their seeming simplicity, are incredibly beneficial. However, it's likely not that pushups are a panacea for your heart but, rather, serve as an indicator of your overall fitness level.

  • Men who were able to complete more than 40 pushups had a 96 percent reduced risk of cardiovascular events compared to those who could do less than 10
  • Men who could complete between 21 and 30 pushups had only 25 percent of the heart problems compared to the 10 and under group
  • The number of pushups you can complete appears to be an accurate way to gauge your heart health and fitness level
  • By building your muscular strength, pushups help you ward off cardiometabolic risks, and a higher level of muscular strength is linked to a lower risk of cancer mortality, metabolic syndrome and age-related weight and fat gain
  • It’s possible to modify pushups to suit any workout level, from beginner to advanced

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Adam Bornstein, author and CEO of Born Fitness, uses this method to improve your routine:

  • Week 1 (two workouts) — Do 10 sets of eight reps and rest for two minutes between sets. If you aren't able to perform eight pushups, rest accordingly.
  • Week 2 (two workouts) — Do eight sets of 10 reps and allot a minute of rest between sets.
  • Week 3 (two workouts) — Do six sets of 15 reps and allot a minute of rest between sets.
  • Week 4 (two workouts) — Do four sets of 20 reps and allot two minutes of rest between sets.

Ok, so let's start today!

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