Green skin ready



As one of the only boutique shops specializing in handcrafted skincare and wellness products, our expert team selects unique and authentic oils, butters and clays from all across the country and the wider region to bring you fine quality skincare products you can't help but love.


Salisha is a holistic nutritionist who's a passion for organics led her to create the very first product in our line, our much loved Vanilla Sandalwood Deodorant Cream. From there she spent two years passionately working on the entire line of Whipped Shea Body Butters, Face Masks, Lotions and Creams. The line kept growing as our customers demanded more of our spectacular products. We now carry over 40 unique products proudly boasting fine quality with organic, yet effective ingredients, proving you don't have to compromise on efficacy for purity.

Handmade skin care products made by holistic nutritionist Salisha peters

Developed by Holistic Nutritionist Salisha Peters

    • organic ingredients
    • non-toxic and food grade
    • cruelty-free, no animal testing
    • 100% vegan safe
    • natural, simple ingredients
    • handmade fresh when you order
    • unbeatable quality
    • fast, reliable shipping
    • proudly canadian


We strictly only use ethically sourced organic ingredients to create our Green Skin Ready line of vegan safe skincare products, with a flair for beautifully scented essential oils. We believe the products we use on our bodies should be as pure and nourishing as the food we eat. Our selection of products is made fresh with only natural, simple ingredients. Our line includes natural skincare and organic beauty products to complement a healthy lifestyle from head to toe. From natural, vegan safe deodorants to organic body butter and magnesium oil sprays.

"My committed team works tirelessly to create each product in small, specially made batches so you can have fresh, organic skincare and health products you can trust and truly believe in. We’re so committed to making sure we can meet all of your needs that we have a three-day money-back guarantee!"

We are located in Ontario's south coast in Clear Creek, Ontario. 


Green skin ready