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Simply Pure By Salisha

Blooming Flower Green Tea

Blooming Flower Green Tea

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This unique tea is in the form of an encapsulated pod. When hot water is added to the pod it blossoms into a strikingly beautiful flower!

Organic. Non-gmo. Grown without the use of pesticides.

  • Packed with antioxidants and trace minerals.
  • Carefully handpicked green needle tea leaves with our selection of delectable edible flowers.
  • Featuring Jasmine, Amaranth, and Chrysanthemum flowers.
  • Not artificially flavored like other teas, this is the most smooth, pure-tasting tea you will ever experience.
  • 6 pods per package
  • Steep each pod 5 times!
  • Make 30+ pots of tea
  • Individually vacuum sealed for guaranteed freshness
  • Pure, natural green tea
  • Nothing artificial
  • Very smooth, natural taste
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