Growing Organic Food on A Small Farm

Growing Organic Food on A Small Farm

Salisha Peters

My Channel For Organic Gardening and Homesteading

So I love creating skincare products and wellness products too but I don't think I have ever told you guys about my love for the other half of my lifestyle. Farm life! Yes, I live on a small homestead and it's the place I love to be. I love the quite escape my farm provides for visutn family and friends. They come to my home for a tranquil get away from the hustle and bustle of their day to day grind. My home is perfect for my family. It's only one acre but that's great for us.

We have lived in the country side for over nine years and counting. But just last year, when the world seemed to end haha, we decided to purchase our home. We packed and moved in the middle of the pandemic! Let's just say, it was messy. But we were so proud and happy.

We managed to pull it theought and closed on the property June 30th, 2020! 

We are so happy and proud that we could finally own our first home and really out put our roots down.

So speaking of roots that's where my fruit trees come in. We had to dig out our 8 year old fruit trees, it was a long painful process and some were definately damaged during the transport into our small trailer. 

So we started a YouTube channel to showcase our homestead and all the work we put into the property in the last 9 months. We are doing this on our own, no help from family or other sources. It's my husband and I taking on the world. Our son is why we care and continue to work so hard. It's all for the kids, afterall. 

Okay, so the trees made it here and we planted them in the ground as soon as we moved in, but I'm sad to say that it looks like some will not make it😔 But I'm still hoping out hope that they will all bear fruit again. 

We ordered more fruit trees but they're not as mature and we will have to wait for fruit for the next couple of years. The one fruit I'm the most excited to try is the PawPaw fruit. Please google the PawPaw, it's a 'tropical' fruit that is only native to Southern Ontario and Eastern USA. Omg, tropical fruit in Canada! So we bought and planted three trees and we will update you on their growth. Watch me plant a fruit orchard here. 

Anyway this is my long-winded way of saying please follow me on my YouTube channel. You can see everything I do on my farm. Learn how to grow your organic food, including animals and fruits. Check it out here. 

Thanks again!


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