Glute Free Sourdough Starter Recipe For Beginners

Salisha Peters

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Sourdough Starter is used in place of yeast in breads and pastries to achieve the rise and add a a nice texture to your breads. Sourdough is knows to be easier on your digestion as it uses wild yeast instead of added yeast which can contribute to health and digestion upset in some. Many families today are switching to sourdough bread like our forefathers did before in advent of man made yeast. 

Taste: sourdough has a slight sour taste, depending on how fermented tour starter is before you use it it can be a strong or gentle flavor. I like a nice light sour taste, not too strong. 

How to make it 

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1 tbs water and 2 tbs rice or buckwheat flour 

Add to a jar mix well, lightly cover jar 

This is called a feeding. Wait 24 hours and feed again with 1 tbs water and 1tbs flour 

Feed every day for 3 days. Once it's bubbly and sour discard 2 tbs of starter. 

Feed again with 1tbs water and flour, wait 12 hours feed again. 

Next day, feed and wait until it's nice and bubbly. 

It's now ready to use 

Tips* se

Use wooden soon to mix 

Double feed twice or 3 times a day if it's not active after 3 days. 

It's now ready to use in your bread recipe. 

Watch the detailed video here


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