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Water Distiller with Carafe. CE and ROSH approved.

Rigorously tested and evaluated for dependability, ease of operation, maintenance, design, functionality, and quality.

Specifically designed to provide the purest water and the most effective VOC removal of any similar distiller. The entire steam chamber, (bottom, sides, and dome), and the full length of the condensing coil is 100% Stainless Steel, Grade 304, (also known as 18/8), the most widely used and versatile of all the stainless grades.


Food-Safe and BPA-Free. This model also has an innovative Glass Nozzle Insert so pure water doesn't touch plastic or metal.

Optimal size 565 Watt heating element. Some brands use a bigger heating element so they can claim their distiller makes water faster. But larger heating elements, (which cost no more than smaller elements), can boil water too rapidly causing it to mix with VOCs and other contaminates which reduces the purity of the water.

We have eliminated all the worry with this compact countertop water distiller you can use every day!

Benefits of Distilled Water

1. Removing Contaminants

Elimination of waterborne contaminants that may be found in drinking water. Drinking contaminated water is one of the fastest ways to spread disease, toxic metals, and industrial pollutants cannot be removed by simple water filtration alone.

By removing the contaminants from water through distillation, you can help alleviate the risk of future illnesses and toxic buildup.

2. Elimination of Chemicals

The most common problem with drinking municipal water is that chlorine and/or fluoride that are added as part of the water treatment process. The addition of fluoride is a huge can of worms alone and perhaps one of the greatest controversial issues perpetrated in modern times. Among a host of other problems, too much fluoride in your drinking water can have adverse effects such as tooth discoloration and breakdown of tooth enamel. Chlorine can be harmful to your skin in undiluted amounts, it can also be harmful to your body in the diluted amounts of city water.

Distilled water has filtered out all these chemicals as well as others to make what is called pure water.

3. No Additives

Many municipal water supplies also contain calcium. While calcium is essential to maintaining good health, too much calcium can be a precursor to kidney stone formation. For some people, kidney stones can be a constant and painful problem and drinking distilled water can reduce the risk of developing more kidney stones. And, if you just prefer to be in complete control of how you receive your vitamins and minerals, there is no substitute for distilled water.

Voltage 110V
Frequency 60Hz
Distiller Water 1L/H
Inner Container Volume 4L
Rolled Sheet Types 3042B
Discharge Tube Stainless Steel 304
Inner Container Stainless Steel 304
Cap/Filter Stainless Steel 304
Electronic Heater Pipe Aluminum
Water Bottle Glass (246 ℃/474.8℉)
Over-temperature Safety 160 ℃/320℉
Gross Weight 6.4Kg/14.1(lb)
Chamber Size




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