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24K Gold Anti-Radiation Protection Shield - 3 pack

  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR/EMF) is energy that is transmitted at the speed of light. We are living in a rapidly transforming digital age with, Wi-Fi, 5G, Bluetooth, TV signals, wireless routers, cell phones, laptops, tablets and home appliances.
  • Anti-Radiation Protections Shields absorb and transfer EMR/EMF waves by using Negative Ions and natural minerals to reduce and neutralize harmful effects of radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices by 99.99 %. Protect your family from EMR/EMF without compromising device efficiency.
  • Studies have shown that the use of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops allow EMR/EMF to enter into the body’s tissue and cells and cause adverse effects. Some of the side effects of EMR /EMF include insomnia, headaches, hair loss, brain fog and fatigue.
  • Negative Ions have many positive health benefits including improvement of mood and depression, better immune function, and increases oxygen to the brain resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and increased mental energy.

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