How To 'Go Green' With Natural Skincare And Beauty Products

How To 'Go Green' With Natural Skincare And Beauty Products

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One of the most common emails we see here at Simply Pure By Salisha is from people switching to new, cleaner routines and not getting the results they were hoping for right away. So, today’s Skin Saving tip for those transitioning into green beauty is to remember, many things can disrupt your transition from conventional to clean, however, one major cause, that we see almost daily, is that people are still using irritating products alongside their new, much gentler options OR, they are not using their new products exactly as directed.

While we never insist people buy everything  at once, we do strongly urge you to at least swap out the same areas of the skin together as using an irritating cleanser but then using a gentle lotion over, can sometimes be pointless as you are still irritating the skin with the harsh cleanser. When it comes to your face, it is most ideal to stop everything conventional entirely! Literally stop everything, and allow your skin that time to adjust, detox and rebalance. 

Many do not want to do this as they may have just purchased items or they’re not ready to give up their favorite lotion quite yet and that is fine, but we would suggest waiting to switch when you’re ready to fully commit as we can not guarantee the best results while irritating products are still being used and we hate to see customers waste money! So, our biggest skin saving tip would be to swap out items entirely, per skin region, to get the most bang for your buck.

Best Items To Swap Right Away

Ideally, you want to swap out entire regions together and if you can not afford to do it all at once, start with just a few simple items! For example, the face you really want to swap everything at once but if you can’t financially do that, start small! A gentle cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator will take you a long way! Not sure where to start? Fill out our FREE Skincare Analysis form for a consultation with our licensed nutritionist by clicking here.

Below are some examples of regions we swap together, in order of importance, in our opinion.

  1. Face- Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, masks, SPF, face makeup, face wipes, anything that touches the face!
  2. Body- Body washes, lotions, scrubs, detergents.
  3. Hair- Shampoo, conditioner and hair care, as your scalp is a large area of skin.
  4. Makeup- Things like eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, brows, mascara, polishes can be done when you have the funds. They are important swaps, but the above is the priority for us!

Green Beauty Routines Can Be Disrupted Due To Many Reasons, The Main Ones Are

  • Hormone disrupting medications like birth control.
  • Pregnancy or hormone imblanances, in general.
  • Untreated or underlying health issues and stress.(Contact Salisha for a Free nutrition consultation)
  • Still using prescribed, topical medications like Retin A.
  • Still using conventional skin care items, even if it’s just 1 item, it can throw things off significantly.
  • Still using irritating face makeups that sit directly on the skin, foundations, powders, concealers
  • Diet. If you are using a totally clean routine and are still suffering from breakouts, we encourage everyone to seek nutritio al help from a Holistic Nutritionist. A simple Biomeridian Test can easily identify what is causing stress to your system. Dairy, gluten, meats, eggs, some nuts, soy are also common trigger foods.
  • Not following exact directions. We often see people overusing their new products. Using treatment soaps or chemical exfoliators more often than needed can absolutely irritate the skin
  • Start with our Brightening Facial System to see for yourself how wonderful green beauty products can truly be for your skin and health!

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