What Is Bentonite Clay, And Why All The Hype?

What Is Bentonite Clay, And Why All The Hype?

salisha peters

You may be wondering what is this bentonite clay everyone is talking about, if not you may already know what it is and use it regularly. If you are like me who loves their clay both internally and externally, then wonderful! You are one step ahead! So, for the rest of us..What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite clay is a natural healing clay comprised of minerals and its formed from natural volcanic ash, which was originally discovered near Fort Benton, Wyoming. Its very powerful and produces a negative electric charge when water is added to it, which aids in binding and removing toxins. When you mix water with the clay, the components alter in order to allow it to become a powerful tool to absorb toxins. This clay is commonly used for removing toxins, not only externally on your skin, but it can also work internally, something that many do.  



For decades they have taken advantage of the power of Bentonite clay and included it in their premium skin care products. Now you can experience Bentonite Clay in it's purest from. Think this is all hype about an ordinary Clay? You may be surprised to learn Bentonite clay has such unique properties that it is a key element in the removal of nuclear waste. Seriously, it is that powerful yet it is safe enough to eat!

Harvested from volcanic ash in Wyoming. Our hand selected pure Bentonite Clay is 100% natural with only 1 ingredient: Calcium Bentonite Clay. It is free of additives, coloring, fillers, or perfumes. Our spa quality pure clay creates a luxurious mud mask that is safe and effective even for sensitive skin. As the clay gently dries on your face, you will feel it cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

The negative ions of the clay draws excess oils and impurities embedded deep within the layers of the skin. It pulls residual toxins from the skin as it gentle exfoliates. The deep pore cleansing tightens and reduces the size of pores, leaving skin soft and silky. It diminishes blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles and reveals your smooth glowing skin. Enjoy a weekly skin treatment mask for smoother glowing skin.


You can use it both internally and externally. It is commonly used to remove heavy metals from the body and to detox when mixed with pure, clean water. It's usually used in a shaker bottle with filtered water and couple tablespoons of clay, shaken and drunk throughout the day for a week on and a week off. Double the amount after week one. Use psyllium fiber to help with detoxing and keeping regular. 

When used externally, you can apply it to any area of your body, such as your face or feet. Some even apply it to their whole body or take a bentonite clay bath. Mix with water until smooth and apply to skin. Wait until its completely dry. Wash with cool water and moisturize. 

Hope you enjoy the many benefits of bentonite clay. You should include it in your natural care regimen and have it on hand for at home skincare. Have fun! 

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