Top Three Tips To Stop Eczema In Kids And Adults

Top Three Tips To Stop Eczema In Kids And Adults

salisha peters

Here are my top three solutions for eczema in children and adults. 

1. Remove Trigger Foods. Because the immune system plays such a pivotal role in skin health, you can support your immune system by removing any “triggers” that excite an immune response. Trigger foods include wheat, dairy, sugars, yeast, shell fish, food dyes and colors, food flavorings (artificial flavor), non organic food, soy, corn, some nuts, sulphites, eggs,  etc.

2. Use Natural Skin Products. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the good bacteria on the skin and cause allergic reactions. It can cause unnatural skin cell formation and can clog pores. Use clean, plant base skincare products such as Simply pure By Salisha Whipped Shea Infused With Lavender And Aloe.

3. Replenish Beneficial Microbes. Beneficial bacteria and yeast communicate with the immune system of the body. They communicate with nearby cells. They work together to thrive. Beneficial microbes may help soothe away inflammation, seal a leaky gut, and balance the immune system. Live Organic Water Kefir Grains Probioticswater kefir grains salisha_burned

The good news is that beneficial microbes are found in fermented foods and probiotic beverages. These superfoods can restore the microbial ecosystems of the body.

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