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Simply Pure By Salisha

Simply Pure Blooming Tea Set

Simply Pure Blooming Tea Set

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Start your blooming tea experience with this beautiful tea party set. It includes a package of Simply Pure Blooming Green Tea plus our 2 in 1 Kettle Teapot.

Heat directly on the stove!


1 pack Simply Pure Blooming Tea with 6 reusable tea pods. Make up to 5 pots of tea per ball. Refrigerate after each use. Use pod within 5 days. 

2 in 1 Tea Kettle & Pot: can be heated directly on the stove. 1800ml beautiful heatproof glass. 

Directions: Use medium heat just until the water boils. Remove and add 1 tea ball. Watch it bloom for about 6 minutes, serve, and enjoy. Save tea ball for next brew. 

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